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Master Diploma in Process Equipment Design & Piping Stress Analysis Duration: 6 months

Course Highlights

Module: 1 – Piping Theory & Detailing
  • To provide a clear understanding that appropriately designed and constructed equipment and associated piping are essential for safe, reliable and cost-effective plant operation; and must be operated and maintained within their respective design envelopes to safeguard plant integrity.
  • To enhance participants’ awareness of key requirements of relevant design and operation standards and industry practice codes such as
  • Pipe Stress Analysis – ASME B31.8, B31.1 and B31.3
  • Vessel Design – ASME Sec Viii Div 1 & 2, ASME 14.5/14.6, 16.2 & Sec 2 Part D
  • HEX & Equip Design – TEMA, ASME Sec Viii Div 1 & PD 5500.
  • This course teaches to evaluate the design of pressure vessels in accordance with the ASME Code Section VIII, with the emphasis on Division 1 & Division 2.
  • The mechanical design requirements of shell-and-tube heat exchangers for process plant applications based on ASME Code, TEMA, and API-660 requirements is also covered.
  • Design Tools: AutoCAD & CATIA V5 R21
  • Analysis Tools: PVELITE, CAESAR 2 & Ansys WB FEA


  • Certification and Engineering Experience on Industry Projects
  • Internship Certificate for 6 months
  • 100% Employment – Placement Assistance Training Programme for First Class Engineers.


  • First Class graduate with 60% above throughout in academics
  • Interested in technical domain & computational application
  • Good Interpersonal skills & attitude. Qualify personal interview.

Course Description: The following modules are trained in this course program:

Module: 1 – Pipe Design & Drafting
  • Overview of Pipe fittings, Valves, Mechanical Equipment, Flow Diagram & Instrumentation.
  • Codes & Specifications- ASME Standards for Common Piping Elements, API Codes.
  • Pipe Designators – NPS, IPS and NB, Pipe WT Schedule, Pipe Weights, Lengths, etc.
  • Equipment Layout, Piping Arrangement Diagrams, Sections & Elevations.
  • Piping Isometrics, Piping details, 3d Modeling of Piping System.
  • Pipe Fittings – ASME Standards, Selection, Application, Drawing.
  • Piping Drawings – AUTOCAD
  • AutoCAD- GUI intro, Terminologies & Define co-ordinate system
  • 2D Drafting & Editing tools, Snap and Tracking, Working with layers/poly lines/ layout tabs/extruding & lofting
  • Elevation drawings & Projections, isometrics,
  • Create 3D wire frame models from 2d models, Boolean operations Fillets/chamfers/arrays & hatching, Creation polygons & inserting blocks
  • Working with Annotations & Dimension Concepts

Drafting Procedure, GA drawings Piping Isometrics, Piping detailing, Line Numbering

Module: 2- Pipe Stress Analysis
  • Introduction to Pipe Stress Analysis, Design of Pressure Components.
  • Pipe Span Calculations, ANSI & ASME codes.
  • Expansion loop joints, Flange joints, Pipe Connection to equipment.
  • Stress and flexibility check of process and power piping
  • Stress and flexibility check of Buried piping
  • CAESAR II – 7.0 – Pipe Stress  Analysis
    • Piping Input and Creation of Model, Navigation and Toolbars.
    • Static Analysis and Output, Checking for Code Compliance.
    • Dynamic Analysis and Output, Modal Analysis and Output
    • Seismic Analysis with CAESER
    • Fatigue Analysis with CAESER
    • Piping Interface, CAESAR II Practical Exercises.
    • Output and Interpretation of the Results.
    • Piping Project – 2 nos.
Module: 3 – Pressure Vessel Engineering – PV Elite
    • Pressure Vessel Design based on ASME Sec Viii Div 1 & 2
    • Vacuum Vessel Design based on ASME Sec Viii Div 1 & 2
    • Design for internal and external pressure, Thickness validation, reinforcement checks
    • Analysis of stresses due to loads on nozzles, clips etc.
    • Flange design and analysis, Nozzle design and analysis.
    • Vertical vessel skirt, base ring and leg and support lug design
    • Horizontal vessel saddles support design
    • Wind and seismic loads
    • Weld Selection based on ASME
Module: 4 – Heat Exchanger Engineering – PV Elite
    • Main types of heat exchangers and their primary components
      • TEMA-type
      • Shell & Tube Heat exchangers
    • Primary process functions of heat exchangers
    • Thermal Design of STHE with TEMA / PD5500
    • Primary factors affecting heat transfer duty
    • Specifying design requirements – over design & surface area
    • Mechanical Design of primary exchanger components
      • Girth flanges
      • Pass partition gaskets
      • Flat channel cover
      • Tube sheets
      • Internal floating heads
      • Tubes
      • Pass partition plates
      • Non-pressure containing parts
    • Equipment Design Project – 2 nos
Module -5 –  CAD : CATIA & CREO
  • Structure Modeling & Assembly-CATIA & CREO
  • Sketcher – Sketch Tools, Profiles & Constraints
  • Part Design – Fundamentals; Expert, Added Exercises;
  • Assembly Design – Fundamentals; Expert; Added Exercises;
  • Generative Drafting – Fundamentals; Expert; Added Exercises;
  • Wireframe & Surface Design – Fundamentals; Expert; Added Exercises;
  • Sheet Metal Design- Fundamentals; Expert; Added Exercises;
  • CATIA –Digital Mock Up Kinematics (Design Simulation) – Expert; Added Exercises;
Module -6 –  ANSYS FEA:
  • FE Concepts & Practices: Finite Element Methods, Analytical and Numerical Solution, Idealization, FEM Procedure, FE Model, Elements, DOF, Boundary Conditions
  • Planning your approach with ANSYS: Importance of Planning, Selection between Elements, guidelines for Successful FEA, Applying Boundary Conditions, Use of Symmetry
  • ANSYS WB GUI: WB GUI, Tool Box, Overview of Analysis System & Component System
  • Design Modeler: Geometry/Design Modeler, Geometry Import
  • ANSYS WB Meshing: Meshing, Mesh Control, Clean Mesh
  • ANSYS WB: Static Structural Analysis, Thermal Analysis, Modal Analysis & Coupled Analysis
  • ANSYS WB: Linear/Nonlinear/Static/Dynamic/Steady/Transient Analysis
  • Failure Analysis – Fatigue & Buckling Analysis of structures -FEA
  • FEA Validation case studies

Internship Projects & Case studies

    • Equipment Design Project – Industry case study – 2 nos
    • Pipe Stress Analysis Project – Industry case study – 2 nos
    • FEA Validation of Equipment  –Oil & GAS case studies  – 2 nos

Scope & Opportunity:

After successful completion of the Course, candidates will be all set to get a job in Engineering Consultancy, Project Management Consultancy (PMC) & Engineering Procurement Construction-Management (EPC-M) companies of Refinery, Petrochemical, Fertilizer, Chemical, Metal & Mining, and Thermal Power Plant.

Evaluation & Joining:

Mail us your update resume if you meet the pre-requisites and report for interview with peripherals and documents. Kindly bring ID Proof copy, BE certificate copy & 1 photo while coming for interview.

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