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Expert Program in Turbomachinery Design – Axial Flow Devices with CFD Simulation

This is a complete training program designed to address the job profile requirements of Analysis Engineer – CFD with application to Aero engines, Turbomachinery, Hydrodynamic & Gas dynamics applications. This is suitable for engineers aspiring career in design & simulation to Rotary systems.

This course is targeted to engineers and designers of axial flow devices for high performance applications.   This course will cover the most important areas of interest in advanced axial compressor design.  The goal of the course is to help students understand the most important considerations of laying out an axial compressor design as well as the various modeling methods used in the process.  Engineers can expect to gain an understanding of the best design practices and the most modern approaches for achieving high performance and reliable designs.


Theory Modules:

  • Fluid Kinematics for CFD analysis
  • Viscous Flow analysis
  • Compressible flow dynamics
  • Axial Flow Compressor design theory
  • Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT) Simulation using ANSYS
  • Heat Transfer in Solids & Fluids – FSI with ANSYS

ANSYS CFD Modules:

  • ANSYS – WB
  • ANSYS Fluent & CFX
  • ANSYS CFD Post
  • Turbulence Modeling – various models
  • Conduction/Convection heat transfer Simulation
  • Radiation Modeling
  • Thermal – CHT Simulation – Hot spot identification